Do people who eat healthy live longer

Do people who eat healthy live longer?

We hear all the time eat healthy, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, and you will live longer… but do you believe that is true or not? As for me personally, I believe that eating healthy is partial truth to living longer. That is because I’ve been privileged to sit down with several individuals over the age of 80 and each of those individuals told me different reason why they believed they’ve been fortune enough to live nearly a century and one over a century. An the most amazon thing I was able to draw from these individuals, was the fact healthy eating didn’t play a major part in their longevity; 99% of them credited God and their spiritual walk in life as the #1 reason they’ve been able to live this long and 2nd was treating others right and having love in your heart.

One of these individuals happened to be my grandmother, RIP as of December 2018 at the age of 91. My beautiful grandmother, I can say lived an amazing life to me, but one thing I know she didn’t do… up until the day she passed away was ate politically correct, she ate pork all her life, chitterlings every holiday, never had a special diet, loved sweets, drunk soft drinks, coffee, and sweet drinks all the time, she stopped drinking alcohol after about the age 45, but chewed snuff until she passed away, went to the hospital 1 time in my entire life and that was at the age of 88, never experienced a terminal disease and passed away of a natural death.

So I speak in reference to my sweet grandmother and the other individuals I’ve been bless to have the pleasure of discussing this topic with and it just kind of confirm to me that yes we should eat healthy, have a good diet, take care of our selves, and please don’t smoke or try to quit … but I’m not convinced that eating healthy will prolong our lives. I believe that is in the hands of God and his timing. I believe eating healthy is for self gratification, and if it contribute to your longevity, then please stick with it, but before you tell a person that eating healthy will prolong their life… please take a survey from as many over 80 people as you can, and get their view point and you make a decision at that point rather that is factual or fiction.

In conclusion stay healthy, live healthy, and learn what healthy living is for you!


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