Heart Drug recalls

What do you do if you get the news there is a recall on your heart drug? About 103 million Americans have high blood pressure according to the American Heart Association. Nearly half of the adults in this country. If your medicine ends up on the recall list that puts your mind into a whirl wind huh? We the doctors have news for you and that is “Don’t stop taking the meds” without consulting with your doctor, suddenly stopping meds that help your heart function can cause major problems, such as you getting hyper tension, high blood pressure, or other heart associated dysfunctions that ultimately cause worse damage.
Depending on the type of heart condition you have  your doctor may advise you to get a different medication in the same class type such as these:
ACE injibitors
Angiotensin II receptor blockers
Calcium channel blockers
Alpha blockers
Central agonists
Renin inhibitors
These help control your blood press.. block from getting high and slow it down, so depending on the condition you have first consult with your doctor before making any drastic changes. Contact your Physician soon as you get any information on a recall of any drug that you’re taking. There are a few advisories recommending.
I know people will tell you that you could get cancer from these drugs, you’re not going to get cancer because of taking heart medicine.
Also trace where your medicine comes from and do research on the medicine and company
Also check the FDA website often where you will find valuable life saving information.
Don’t smoke… smoking is the #1 cause of heart disease, cancer, and other health related deaths…
… and most of all take care of yourself.
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