EMEDOPT’s robust services add strategic benefits to your marketing budget, company and bottom line.

Emedopt Inc. is a multi-service company that offer a convenient robust online business referral and sponsorship integration  partnership through . Holding company for media, e-commerce, online, and transport companies. 

Our goals is to partnership enhancement, build brand awareness, increase sales margins, connect with niche consumers in multi markets and demographics.


Digital Referral – Reach multi audience through various marketing channels via internet, cellphone, text, all digital forms.

Email Marketing Referral –  weekly target product/business potential customers via email. 

Social Influencer Marketing – A form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers, people and organizations.

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Sponsorship Management – Emedopt sponsorship management allows for our partners to focus on their daily duties as we manage the sponsorship.

 Sponsorship integration – Integrating our partners into other marketing channels included in the sponsorship package.

Sponsorship message – When product/business message, via text, webpage, ad, news letter, or email to target potential customers.


Management – EMEDOPT manage the entire sponsorship from proposal to removal of product placement and sponsor banners from the event.

Track – Data spread will display continuous concomitant of the sponsors agreement with sponsee(s) exploitative properties.

 Optimize – extract unremunerative sponsorships, improve efficiency of product placement, and maximize opportunities to create brand awareness.    


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