Sponsoring the community

Today’s consumers are more interested in companies that go beyond sales and profit to give back to communities in need. To thrive in today’s operating environment, companies must look beyond financial measures and adopt a systems approach to the measurement of impact on their business. Connecting, building relationships in a new environment, adapting to new consumer perceptions allowing for community image expansion as they seek to benefit financially for their stakeholders.

Sponsorship is about assisting business marketing in creating that core values sustainability, environmental conservation, and community perception that benefits the consumer and business. Sponsorships help gain opportunities to engage one on one with people looking for relevant product solutions allowing brand awareness to be integrated into the product, event, and a beautiful connection with the customer. 

Strengthening your business image is one of the most valuable benefits of sponsorship. When looking to create brand loyalty, business and products that show they care about a positive perception and helping the community continue to grow and expand their market value. Supporting community by involving a brand immediately sets companies apart from brands who are not seen in the community. When companies show interest in finding out what matters to customers and their values, this data allows them to be a limitless supply of the product people have chosen to love. People have more incentive to support your business if you’re invested in the local community.



Below is the list of top corporate sponsors, along with the percentage of the.

1. Wells Fargo – 2.89%


marriott2. Marriott – 1.63%


dicks sporting goods3. Dick’s Sporting Goods – 1.39%


whole foods4. Whole Foods Market – 1.3%


state farm5. State Farm – 1.07%


pepsi6. Pepsi – 0.98%


us bank7. US Bank – 0.97%


bank of america8. Bank of America – 0.92%


bud light9. Budweiser/Budlight – 0.76%


clif10. Clif Bar – 0.74%


coca cola11. CocaCola – 0.72%


edward jones12.* Edward Jones – 0.68%


walmart12.* WalMart – 0.68%


mcdonalds14. McDonalds – 0.67%


kind snacks15. Kind Snacks – 0.66%


pnc bank16. PNC Bank – 0.65%


starbucks17. Starbucks – 0.63%


at&t18.* AT&T – 0.58%


lagunitas18.* Lagunitas – 0.58%


ibm20. IBM – 0.55%


chic-fil-a21.* Chick-fil-A – 0.48%


allstate21.* Allstate – 0.48%


union bank23.* Union Bank – 0.47%


td bank23.* TD Bank – 0.47%


titos vodka23.* Tito’s Vodka – 0.47%


kroger26. Kroger – 0.46%


chevron27.* Chevron – 0.42%


delta27.* Delta – 0.42%


geico27.* Geico – 0.42%


heb grocery27.* Heb Grocery – 0.42%


les schwab tires31.* Les Schwab Tires – 0.41%


trader joes31.* Trader Joe’s – 0.41%


boeing31.* Boeing – 0.41%


home depot34. Home Depot – 0.40%


buffalo wild wings35.* Buffalo Wild Wings – 0.39%


gatorade35.* Gatorade – 0.39%


target37.* Target – 0.38%


pwc37.* PWC – 0.38%


toyota37.* Toyota – 0.38%


bb&t40. BB&T – 0.37%


costco41.* Costco – 0.36%


southwest41.* Southwest Airlines – 0.36%


capital one43.* Capital One – 0.34%


cigna43.* Cigna – 0.34%


walgreens45. Walgreens – 0.33%


fred meyer45.* Fred Meyer (owned by #26 Kroger) – 0.33%


stella47.* Stella Artois (owned by #9 Budweiser) – 0.32%


eastern bank47.* Eastern Bank – 0.32%


united airlines47.* United Airlines – 0.32%


lyft50.* Lyft – 0.31%


ace hardware50.* Ace Hardware – 0.31%


These companies benefits from sponsorship which becomes endless increasing sales, target marketing for specific products, build customer relationships and creating loyalty. With a 70 billion dollar global market value, sponsorship marketing is a value asset to company and consumer.
As you create your annual marketing plan make sure a nice piece of the sponsorship marketing pie is correctly allocated which will give your business unlimited opportunity for growth and brand loyalty. Most of all a beneficial relationship with the community.

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