Staying Healthy When Your Kids are Sick

Staying Healthy When Your Kids are Sick

We should always take care of ourselves especially, in the current environment of today’s climate, but sometimes sickness comes and fined us, and it typically through our children. When that occur we need to seek out methods that will assist us in staying healthy. 

  • Get vaccinated – A surefire way to fight sickness before it even occurs is to get the whole family vaccinated. A simple seasonal flu shot can save you a world of pain and inconvenience and, when combined with a healthy diet, can help your immune system fight off viruses and bacterial infections much easier. Don’t forget to update other vaccinations as well. When your child is vaccinated, they contribute to “herd immunity,” not only keeping themselves healthy but also preventing sickness from spreading to other classmates. Flu shots are readily available at most pharmacies and are often given during walk-in appointments, so you can skip the wait at your primary care physician and get a flu shot within 15 minutes.
  • Implement a “no sharing” rule – Although sharing is a wonderful virtue for children to learn, you don’t want them to be generous with toys when they’ve been sick. Viruses and bacteria can live and flourish on toys, towels and clothing your child has touched, so don’t let your sick child share things with siblings or friends unless you decontaminate them first with disinfecting wipes or by putting them in the washer.
  • Use hot water on laundry day – Hot water is your best friend when it comes to killing germs on clothes. When your child is sick, make sure to wash their clothes in warm water and use chlorine bleach to kill germs (use non-chlorine, color-safe bleach for dark clothing). Keep in mind you may encounter your child’s germs when washing their clothes, so use rubber gloves to handle their laundry load and wash your hands after. Also, if their clothing has touched your clothing while handling their laundry load, take it off and throw it in the wash too.
  • Make the kitchen off limits – The kitchen is a naturally germy place. Bacteria and germs can be found in abundance on countertops, and a sick child playing in the kitchen only compounds the issue. Keep your child out of the kitchen by making their meals and bringing them to your child. It’s best to serve them their meals breakfast-in-bed style if you can. It will keep their germs isolated in their bedroom, where you can wash their bedding later after they’ve recovered. They’ll appreciate the TLC and the rest of your family won’t have to worry about contracting an illness at the dinner table.
  • Decrease your dairy and fruit intake, but increase your veggie consumption – Eating dairy and consuming fruit juice can lead to a build-up of phlegm and increase congestion, which makes things a lot worse if you become sick. Stick to a veggie-rich diet when your child is sick and make sure your child is eating plenty of leafy greens, too. Veggies will keep intestinal systems clear, and can eliminate bacteria and viruses faster in your sick child, getting them back to normal sooner. Treat yourself and your child to a cup of chicken noodle soup chock-full of vegetables and lightly seasoned with salt, pepper or garlic to kick nasty germs to the curb.

Seek Treatment for Illnesses a trusted health facility

Despite preventative measures, sickness happens. There are trusted medical care providers, that provide professional care and outstanding medical services for an extensive range of illnesses.

All patients expect comprehensive, prompt and compassionate care which professional medical staff should have the extensive medical tools at their disposal to diagnose illness and create a treatment plan to heal you or your children and get life back to normal. Along with radiology imaging and an on-site lab along with dedicated adult and pediatric care services.

Whether you have the flu or an illness you’re unable to identify, a good medical providers will find the best solution for you.

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