The Latest Healthcare Apps

In this day and time we can now accessing our medical record, viewing lab results to scheduling appointments, managing chronic conditions, tracking disease outbreak information and locating clinical trials, lots of people are becoming tech-savvy patients using their smartphones and tablets in many ways to get a better hold on there healthcare lives.

There are currently more than 250,000 health apps world-wide available to consumers, according to the m-Health App Developer Economics … although the market is crowded there are several innovative medical apps we believe that are great for patients.

A few of this app
CDC: For patients who want a full library of medical information, access to journals, disease tracking information, public health blogs and 24/7 newsroom feeds, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a host of resources.
KARDIA MOBILE (EKG): For patients with an even greater likelihood or a history of heart disease, the FDA-cleared Kardia mobile app, developed by AliveCor, provides a pocket-sized electrocardiogram machine. For use with the fingertip Kardia Mobile heart monitor pads (one-time charge of $99), this sophisticated medical app is intended for medical professionals and prescribed patients only.
HEALTHY HEART 2: For patients with high risk of heart disease, this free patient app serves as a heart health journal, allowing users to record blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, blood glucose, medications and more, and analyzes data in graph format for patients to share with their physicians. Healthy Heart 2, developed by Ringful Health, is available on iTunes. This app offers patients a wide range of tools that allow healthcare service providers to view the complete picture of a patient’s requirements and manage them accordingly with different partners across the healthcare sector.
DOXIMITY: By using this healthcare application, users get access to the largest medical professional network which consists of over 70 percent of physicians as members. Some of the advantages of using Doximity.
MEDICI: Provides its patients with the option to connect with medical professionals and doctors on the Medici network for a set period of time. The main aim here is to eliminate the additional cost of going into a hospital by providing online consultancy to the users.
DOCTOR ON DEMAND: connects you with real board-certified doctors and doctoral-level therapists over live video without the hassle of waiting rooms. The app allows doctors to take your medical history and your symptoms, and perform the exam thereby through the comfort of phones, tablets and computers. It can solve many health-related issues. Most cases cured in the platform are of Cold & Flu, UTI, Allergies, Depression & Anxiety, Skin and Eye Issues, Urgent Care & more. It’s fast, efficient and economic.
TALKSPACE: a very innovative, affordable and useful mental health app. With the help of Talk space, you can communicate with a licenses therapist in your area with the comfort of your device. The app allows users to communicate via text chat, voice calls and video chat.

These are some of the healthcare applications for both Android and iOS devices that are maintaining a strong position in the market. Another thing that makes these apps reliable is the fact that they are regularly updated and new features/functionalities are being added by their developers. Mobile app brings speed and efficiency in the healthcare services. There is a rapid increase in the number of m-Health apps in the last five years because of heavy investment in the digital health market.

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