Capital & Commercial Liquidation

Looking to liquidate Commercial Property, Multi Family Property, Healthcare Facility, Optometry or Ophthalmology business, Capital and Healthcare equipment: Including Medical, Endoscopic, lasers, microscope, surgical, ophthalmology, optometry and small businesses.


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    Sale & Capital liquidation

    EMO Commerce options allow for you to sale, raise capital, or partnership properties, capital equipment, and product

    EMO Liquidation & Partnership

    EMedOpt like to offer you the option to allow us to sell your equipment for higher profits and greater marketing awareness options. We become partners and your equipment is sold through our team as if it’s ours using all the marketing channels we use to distribute our equipment.

    Visitors view

    EMO like to offer you the option to sign-up and list your equipment through our listing options (Plans) on our store front. You submit you item and one of our visitors have the option to buy.


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