The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

We live in a life the consist of work, children, business, and just day to day life. Sometime we over look what is most important, which is our health “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” getting caught up with all that can over whelm us. Now, when is the last time you did a sit-up? push-up? took a walk around the corner? fasted from eating sweets? No smoking marijuana, cigarettes, cigars, and other inhalation items? Did yoga? Had a spiritual moment? took time out for yourself? Life sometimes get the best of us, but there is hope with the right tools, information and motivation, you can achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Just for a moment ask yourself … What allows some people to live to age 100 and afar? How can I live a long life? Although studies suggests that protective genes may play a big part, also a healthy lifestyle can contribute that that. Now we ask ourselves what is a healthy lifestyle? There are so many things we can factor into living a healthy lifestyle, but from my point of view, your conscious also play a big part in a healthy lifestyle, sometimes, we make decision and avoid our conscious when we eat more then we need too or when we tell ourselves “I’m going to start working out”, but never do. When we had one to many drinks at the bar, but something inside of us said; “It’s time to go” but you didn’t stop drinking and went and got into that vehicle, drove for a while suddenly the buzz kicked in and you crashed into someone or something destroying life, yours or someone else.

A healthy lifestyle is more than eat or drink, fitness and fit… it’s a lifestyle: definition “The way in which a person or group lives” so how do you live right or wrong? Do you listen to your conscious or live free as a bird. Understanding healthy living is learning how to create a better lifestyle for yourself and those around you. Let’s not get caught-up on health scientist or people who attempt to confirm healthy living is not smoking, eating right, or this and that… you can determine what is a healthy lifestyle for yourselves… by making the right choices in life, by what you may eat, how much you may drink and what you drink, the things you do, people you hang around and allow to influence you … this is part of the journey in living a healthy lifestyle.

To our conclusion which maybe a little unorthodox, but in-line with what we’ve elaborated on in this blog, try to live your best life, by making right choices, listening to your conscious, and making wise decision to begin the journey in living long as you possibly can. To me that is a healthy life.


CEO/Founder EMedOpt

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