Will healthcare ever be affordable

Will healthcare ever be affordable


As our daily lives move forward and the clock continue to tick, there’s one thing we will all at one point and time have to part take in, and that is healthcare. Healthcare is one of, if not the most required element in our lives, it’s one of the foundation of our coming into existence… consider when you’re first born. Most of us this would’ve token place at the local healthcare center, such as a hospital, care center, or surgery center of some sort. Surrounded by Nurses and a doctor, this is the introduction into what we call life.

Almost everything about our physical make-up needs some type of healthcare on a daily bases… rather it’s brushing our teeth (dental) bathing (hygiene) those who wear eye-glasses (optical) and ect… Now the question is “Will healthcare ever be affordable for everyone?” There is so much talk from top down; the government,

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